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Great Hair After 40

Being blessed with great hair has tainted my memory of ever having bad hair days, or ever recalling loosing hair.

For many of us great hair days can be a huge confidence boost. Let's face it, when the hair is in tact it saves us time and makes us look sassy.

Yes, we have all heard by now that we naturally loose hair as we age, yet this is something I am not ready to embrace.

As with all other chronic conditions that I have acquired over the years, I find that many of our problems can be fixed or at least helped greatly with a proper diet and supplements.

So why not eat your way to great hair?

We are what we eat, and hair reacts to our nutrition the same way as our skin or the rest of our body. Many of us are just not getting enough of what we need to keep our hair looking it's best.

A trip to a hip hair dresser can set us back a couple hundred dollars. However, even with all the latest gismos available such as hair treatments, our locks will not shine for more than a day if we are missing the essential vitamins they need.

After loosing a great deal of my hair I found out that generic hair loss is much worse for women who are deficient in iron and those who have low levels of the B vitamins.

What's worse is that nine out of ten women between the ages of 16 to 50 are iron deficient.

Surprisingly these figures are much worse nowadays than for our mothers. The reason? So many of us are on some kind of a health kick, and tend not to eat meat or other iron-rich foods like fresh green leafy vegetables.

We can hardly complain about dull, thinning hair if we're just not giving it the food it needs to be healthy, glossy and thick. So - here's a quick checklist to add to your shopping cart next time you hit the supermarket.

Eat lots of:

* Fresh vegetables - high colored and green leafy
* Non-citrus fruits- natural yogurt
* Cold pressed oils- such as olive oil, flax seed or sesame
* Soy protein- in the form of tofu, soy milk or soy yogurts
* Legumes- peas, beans and lentils
* Whole grains- especially brown rice, oats and buckwheat
* Seeds-sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and linseeds
* Almonds, figs and dates
* Fresh oily fish- like salmon, tuna, herring, pilchards and sardines


* Lots of: pure still water to aid your digestive system and eliminate toxins - a sluggish digestion leads to limp, dull or oily hair

Cut down on:

* Dairy (cow's milk) products
* Caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, and soda drinks)
* Sugar and salt

If you can alter your diet to include more healthy hair foods - you will be rewarded not only with great looking hair, but loads of energy and glowing skin.

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Canon PowerShot SD950 IS Digital Camera

Image quality is great. It is easy to use and feels solid. Images were crisp and generally well exposed and while the housing feels as durable as a solid piece of metal, the lightweight pocket cam is very light weight. The LCD was visible even in bright sunlight and focus was fast in all situations with a negligible shutter delay after focus was established. Images can be corrected manually while viewing photos on the LCD screen. Canon's new Face Detection Technology makes for even easier picture taking moments.

Digital cameras have undergone much advancement in a short period of time and Canon has responded by giving the PowerShot SD950 IS high quality features at a base price. This is a compact camera working with 8.0 Megapixels. Digital camera prices fell quickly so the only thing I don't like is the premium price I paid to get this camera earlier. If you can wait a little bit get it when the price comes down further.

Movie Mode is strictly a 4:3 aspect ratio as I said. The Canon PowerShot SD950 IS Digital Camera can shoot 1,024 x 768 movies at 15 frames per second which is a good enough frame rate and saves card space. Moving your finger around the touch dial brings up a screen overlay of the touch dial layout with a larger display of a control. I didn't find the Touch Dial useful however, and turned off the screen overlay after a few hours of use.

Shutter lag ranged from about one half of a second to one and a half seconds depending on the amount of contrast in the scene. Overall, the SD950 is slightly slower than its lower end cousin the SD870. Shutter delay is negligible while the wait between one full resolution JPEG. The camera is quick to power up with a wait of just a couple of seconds while the rear screen comes to life and the lens barrel fully extends from storage to the body. That will mimic bright and dim shooting conditions respectively. In continuous shooting mode, the SD950 IS fell just short of its fancier cousin the G9, clocking an average of 1.6 frames per second regardless of image size.

Price is a little expensive, but well worth it I think.

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